It’s 2020 … time to drop some garbage no one wants onto the internet

Recently on the Two Beers Until Phronesis podcast me and a few friends talked about making resolutions (You can find the podcast episode here). We agreed that there are problems with trying to enforce new habits or changes in lifestyle without first developing a thoughtful framework or system to direct the often fruitless idea of the “new me”. While I didn’t mention any of my own resolutions or ideas going into 2020 (let’s be honest, no one cares), I do have a few resolutions I want to cement as habits. I have worked on trying to make these practices more consistent throughout 2019 but have not yet held myself accountable for consistency or implementing a system or workflow in order to stick to them. The resolutions I have decided on are:

  1. Release a video or piece of music every month

  2. Double the detail and scheduling of creative projects in my calendar

This document will hopefully help with accountability as it’s a record to myself of what I’m aiming to accomplish, and putting it up on the website enshrines it in record as a tablature of my success or failure. The resolutions themselves are easy and clear so the pressure is low. I was releasing music fairly regularly before, but leaving more gaps in my releases then I should have been. This will help motivate me to step it up and, at very least, force me into quickly filming an acoustic performance to chuck out if I’m falling behind on a release.

The second resolution about how I’m going to detail more ‘life clutter’ in my calendar is an extension of a habit I have already developed this year; the copiously detailed structuring of my life through note making and google calendar. I have already been in the habit of planning out strict time periods in order to work on various projects, but I want to step this up to double the number of hours I am forcing myself to engage with particular jobs or tasks. Often my calendar include things like: “track lead guitar part for metal song” or “master podcast episode” in it at specific times in order to combat my innate lack of industriousness, and while I am already good at planning and following this structure I feel making it more comprehensive will be a step forward in in my productivity.

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